We have embraced solar power and are now providers of solar equipment and installation for organisations and individuals, from home use, farming, street lighting . . .

Our research and development (R & D) is soaring to greater heights. We have established our R & D Centre in Zimbabwe

Various e-learning CDs available for various science subjects, Mathematics, Geography, Religious Studies . . .

We are now using the fastest and most effective timetabling software for educational institutions.

More effective cost-cutting measures are now in place for computer consumables.


Intelligent Systems

Home of Objects

Welcome to our website, where you can get information about Nelsoft (Private) Limited.

The company is blessed with hardworking, qualified and experienced professionals. Our goods and services are guaranteed.

We have renown worldwide partners that we work with in satisfying your needs as per your specification.

All our works are based upon creating a natural world of discovery, without walls, so as to attain the precious abstract conceptualisation of a four-dimensional reality.

We invite you to enjoy Xperiential Computing in everyday life. We calmly fabricate lasting solutions to your seemingly complex challenges, all in seamless dire simplicity.

Nelson Ruwa
(Chief Computer Scientist)

Nelsoft Private Limited
Trading as Nelsoft Home of Objects

life is literal - knowledge is universal

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