We have embraced solar power and are now providers of solar equipment and installation for organisations and individuals, from home use, farming, street lighting . . .

Our research and development (R & D) is soaring to greater heights. We have established our R & D Centre in Zimbabwe

Various e-learning CDs available for various science subjects, Mathematics, Geography, Religious Studies . . .

We are now using the fastest and most effective timetabling software for educational institutions.

More effective cost-cutting measures are now in place for computer consumables.


Solar Lighting Kit

With the use of trending Artificial Intelligence systems including Big Data, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, we are determined to include intelligence aspects in all our products and services.

Solar Solutions: solar lighting kits, household kits, industrial power, street lighting installations . . .

Using embedded intelligent software, the solar lighting kits are touch sensitive and proffer numerous functions including lighting at different levels of brightness, charging gadgets such as phones, playing music, radio facility and bluetooth. The unit is guaranteed with long life span and is upgradeable. The Lithium Ion battery and the LED lamps are very robust and economic.

Cybaworx: Professional Interactive Website Designing and Internet Computing

Visionary: Professional Video Filming & Editing, Photography & Audio Works, All Multimedia . . .

Setups: PC Servicing, Networking & Software Development for Business, Schools . . .

Cost-Saving Services: Timetabling, Library, Student Records, Fees Billing Software...

Appropriate Stationery: Toner and Ink Cartridge Refill, Digitised Scheme Books, Record of Marks and Notes Booklets, Printing and Scanning Services... 

Experiential: Intelligent Tutoring Systems; E-Learning material customised to your specifications

For Intelligent Tutoring Systems:
Download the disc content under Quick Links first. Pay US $3 using EcoCash to +263 774 414 208 and send the Ecocash Approval Code, System ID of your computer and your name to, or Text/WhatsApp +263 774 414 208.

The concretised natural, experiential, learner-centred and discovery-driven abstract conceptualisation.

(I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand, I discover and I master).

REFEREES: TelOne (Manicaland), Mutare Polytechnic, Mutare Teachers College, The Ministry of Youth (Manicaland), National Association of School Heads (NASH Mutasa Disctrict), Mutasa District Council, Gokomere High, St. David's Bonda Girls High, Pinkrose Junior School, St. Robert's Mbaza High, Rainham School, St. Barbara's School, Bible Believers Tabernacle, Cloud of Glory Tabernacle and an endless list of corporates and individuals obtainable from our offices.

I will fetch my knowledge from afar and will ascribe righteousness to my Maker

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